Business-beneficial data

By presenting statistics on the use of pharmaceuticals in an intuitive way, we help care providers, pharmaceutical companies, government bodies, and pharmacies conduct their businesses more efficiently and competitively.


High-quality data

Reveal has access to high-quality data sources with business-critical information for all actors within the field. For instance, we know what pharmaceuticals are sold, when, in what quantity, and at what price.


Up-to-date data

We update our database with new data every morning, enabling our customers to follow developments on the market closely. Early access to market indicators is especially useful in the initial phases of new contracts or when launching new products and therapeutic methods.


Customized data volumes

The amount of data required varies with the needs of each individual customer. In close communication with our clients, we tailor our deliveries of data with regard to the size of the market, proper historical depth, as well as geographical and temporal detail.


Optimized delivery

Reveal collects and prepares statistics that make it easier for companies to reach data-driven decisions. Our most popular services are our web-based, interactive analytical tools and our customized reports by e-mail.