Launches & new indications


Medical approval

Reveal assist with medical approvals of new drugs or new drugs. The area is often called Market acccess (MA) or Real world evidence (RWE).


Price and susbsidizing

Reveal assist with applications of subsidising and price setting. The area is often called health economics or HEOR. 



Reveal assist with marketing and market understanding at launches and new indications.

Follow up & analysis



To understand the quantity of drugs that are being used and to what price Reveal delivers sales statistics. The statistics help care providers, pharmaceutical companies, government bodies, and pharmacies conduct their business more efficiently and competitively.


Prescription & requistion

To understand how drugs on the market are being used Reveal delivers statistics of prescription patterns and hospital requisition. The statistics are used for analysing patient flows, patient journeys and relations between diagnosis and drugs.


Registers & journals

To understand how medical efficient drugs are and for deeper analysis of prescription patterns Reveal delivers decision support from quality registers and patient journals. The statistics are used at medical approval or medical follow up related to drug usage.