To understand the quantity of drugs that are being used and to what price Reveal delivers sales statistics. The statistics help care providers, pharmaceutical companies, govern- ment bodies, and pharmacies con- duct their business more efficiently and competitively.


Prescripton & requisition

To understand how drugs on the market are being used Reveal delivers statistics of prescription patterns and hospital requisition. The statistics are used for analysing patient flows, patient journeys and relations between diagnosis and drugs. 


Registers & journals

To understand how medical efficient drugs are and for deeper analysis of prescription patterns Reveal delivers decision support from quality registers and patient journals. The statistics are used at medical approval or medical follow up related to drug usage. 



Analytical tools

Reveal develops web based interactive, tools to analyse data. Our tools presents data in a simple and intuitive way.



We presents up-to-date statistics in customer specific reports and make sure the right person gets the right information and at the right moment. Our reports are popular supplements to our analytical tools.


Raw data

In our export the raw data is adapted for simplified loading into our customers IT-systems and to give access to up-to-date information. The files are often large and are transferred via SFTP.

Analysis & consulting



Reveal offerts bioinformatic compentency, on the border between Life Science, data analysis and IT. Several of us holds PhDs and have researched within the field. The team help you get the right data and convert it to efficient decision support.



Reveal offers market understanding based on a total of over 100-years experience from the pharma industry. In dialog with the customer we use that to deliver decision support that help conduct their business more efficiently and competitively



Reveal offers scientific and medical consulting and analysis. Our team is strong and consist of PhD and MDs. The competency is used for creating decision support about how medically efficient drugs are or how they are used.