Analytical tools

Our customers think highly of our analytical tools, which are web-based and built in QlikView. No installation is required, and the programs can be reached online at all times from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. That way, users always have access to up-to-date information to read online or export to Excel or PowerPoint for further analysis. Our practical compilations of information save time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

After logging in, the user enters an interactive analytical environment that visualizes relevant information in an efficient way. The interface is easy to use, and the graphical diagrams are intuitive, designed to make it easier to reach well-grounded, data-driven decisions. Because the tools are so user-friendly and straightforward, they can easily become a natural part of standard practice within an organization.

The fact that our tools are so popular and reach many users also means that they are well-tested and have been fine-tuned through many updates.

With Adhoc, you can monitor pharmaceutical sales data for the entire Swedish market. The tool makes it possible to analyze how sales volumes and prices change geographically and over time.

PV helps you find the right price to affect sales of a particular product within the Swedish Periodens Vara system.

With Tender, you can analyze public tendering, hospital requisitions, and to what extent contractual obligations are being met.

Kliniker allows you to compare Swedish public healthcare providers, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

With AS, you can measure how successful your product is compared to competitors on a specific market and how sales figures vary geographically and over time.

Ranking enables you to perform company-specific analyses. Study one company at a time or find out how your business is performing among competitors in the field.