Reveal was founded in the fall of 2012. In collaboration with a group of pharmaceutical companies and sponsored by Vinnova and the County Administrative Board of Stockholm, we developed a platform for pharmaceutical statistics, launched in December 2013 . Since then, our customer base has only been growing, along with the number of services and products that we offer.

In 2010, the service provider Scientific Solutions launched a successful business venture in the field of bioinformatics. It was during this project that the founders of Reveal met for the first time. They soon discovered that they shared a common fascination for the borderlands between life science, data analytics, and IT.

The amount of data in today’s society is increasing at an explosive rate, and the companies that learn how to make use of it hold a significant competitive advantage. Nevertheless, Reveal’s founding group noted that most companies and administrations lack the necessary competence to interpret and put their information to use efficiently. They also came to realize that they possessed the right combination of competencies to help other organizations analyze data and reach informed decisions. Reveal was founded in the fall of 2012.

In 2013, the new company began developing a web platform for the analysis of pharmaceutical statistics, working in collaboration with a handful of companies within the healthcare sector and sponsored by Vinnova and the County Administrative Board of Stockholm. The product was launched successfully at the beginning of 2014.

Since then, Reveal has continued to develop more effective ways to extract data and make it easier for pharmaceutical companies to reach informed decisions. Our work has borne fruit. The number of customers, services, and products has been growing at a steady pace and keeps growing. We focus on continuously improving our analytical solutions, and our ambition is to offer the best products and services on the market. That way, we will be able to continue providing added value and innovative ideas within pharmaceutical statistics and related fields.